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Visual Studio TFS: TF10175 During Add Solution To Source Control in Visual Studio How To Fix

If one is attempting to add a project in Visual Studio 2013, 2012 or 2010 and one get this message:

TF10175: The team project folder $/{Project Name Being Added} does not exist. Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator and ask that it be created.

This discusses how to create a Team Project in TFS and then add the solution into source control.

Steps To Create a Team Project in TFS

  1. Verify you are actually can connect to a top level Team Project Server. I use the term top level because it is the TFS server which holds your sub Team Projects. In Visual Studio open up the Team Explorer window and select the Connect (it’s the electrical plug icon) and then proceed to select a top level server / Team Project to connect to. If you can connect proceed to the next step, if you cannot connect, talk to the person in charge of TFS and either have her/him grant you access to do step 2 or have them do step 2 and give you access so you then add it to Source Control. Once the team project is added *by them* then you may have to do #1 again (if they add it) but then specifically connect to the team project before skipping to step 3.
  2. Create a Team Project on the server before you save to it. If you have privileges you should be able to go to File->New->Team Project and put the name of the project (or possibly solution name) into the “What is the name of the team project?"

    If this dialog below doesn’t come up or there is a failure, do the advice in step 1 about contacting an admin to do step 2.

    Click to enlarge:

  3. Once that is created, you can then add the solution to source control.