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Posted by OmegaMan at February 13, 2014

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In Visual Studio 2013 one may run into this error  when getting a build running with Windows Azure online TFS.

Team Foundation Error

TF215079: The build definition NexusTFS_CD is disabled. Enable the build definition and try again.

TFS Error

Here are two things to look for/ to do. But both of the items require one to bring up the build definition file (internally named xaml (not the wpf kind)) by (in Visual Studio) right clicking on the build definition which shows the disabled build with an x in the icon in the Team Explorer, Build section:


  1. There may be build problems other than the build definition is disabled. Select the Process section by clicking it and look for any triangle warning signs in the window/tab which opens. If the triangle icon is there, that may mean that something is missing and needs your attention. If in TFS, your Team Project Collection has multiple solutions, the actual solution to build may not be set. Set it in the Projects section.
    Yellow Warning
  2. To enable the build definition go to the General settings and and change the Queue Processing  from Disabled to Enabled.


If everything is a go, the icon should change after you save the xaml file. Queue a new build and run.