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C# Regex for Parsing Known texts

A user wanted to parse basic text. Here is a regex pattern which  breaks out the user text.


string @pattern = @"
(?:OS\s)                     # Match but don't capture (MDC) OS, used an an anchor
(?<Version>\d\.\d+)          # Version of OS
(?:;)                        # MDC ;
(?<Phone>[^;]+)              # Get phone name up to ;
(?:;)                        # MDC ;
(?<Type>[^;]+)               # Get phone type up to ;
(?:;)                        # MDC ;
(?<Major>\d\.\d+)            # Major version
(?<Minor>\d+)                # Minor Version

string data = 
@"Windows Phone Search (Windows Phone OS 7.10;Acer;Allegro;7.10;8860)
Windows Phone Search (Windows Phone OS 7.10;HTC;7 Mozart T8698;7.10;7713)
Windows Phone Search (Windows Phone OS 7.10;HTC;Radar C110e;7.10;7720)";

 // Ignore pattern white space allows us to comment the pattern, it is not a regex processing command
var phones = Regex.Matches(data, pattern, RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitespace)
                  .Select (mt => new 
                    Name = mt.Groups["Phone"].Value.ToString(),
                    Type = mt.Groups["Type"].Value.ToString(),
                    Version = string.Format( "{0}.{1}", mt.Groups["Major"].Value.ToString(),
Console.WriteLine ("Phones Supported are:");            

phones.Select(ph => string.Format("{0} of type {1} version ({2})", ph.Name, ph.Type, ph.Version))
/* Output
Phones Supported are:
Acer of type Allegro version (7.10.8860)
HTC of type 7 Mozart T8698 version (7.10.7713)
HTC of type Radar C110e version (7.10.7720)