Visual Studio 2010 – Fuzzy Text

In loading Visual Studio 2010 beta 1, I was very disappointed. Out of the box, the dialog menu text is fuzzy along with most dialogs. Here is V2010 and Visual Studio 2008 side by side. Notice the File menu text is fuzzy:


Notice toolbox is the biggest offender. Even the colors while editing are not as crisp. Is it just me or do my eyes fail when looking at VS2010? Someone has beat me to writing a Microsoft Connect issue on this one: Fuzzy text display in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.



  1. Damien Guard says:

    This is because WPF uses ideal metrics to achieve sub-pixel precision for more natural spacing but it just doesn’t really cut it for a code editor or even things like menus.


  2. Have a look at to see if any advice there makes it look better.

    Otherwise, I believe Win7 addresses this (outside of a VM).

  3. Sam says:

    I’ve found this in every WPF application on XP.

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