This article discusses the pitfall of simple sharing in XP and why it may fail when one tries to browse the share from Windows 7 or even Vista.

I had two events which conspired against me. I updated a shared resource (hard drive) on an XP SP3 machine and updated my primary computer to Windows Seven. On my XP machine I turned on sharing and opened it up.

When I went to browse the share from Windows 7 I got this message:

Network Error 
Windows cannot access \\OMEGA\Terra
You do not have permission to access \\OMEGA\Terra. Contact your network administrator to request access. For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support

It stumped me for awhile until I realized that my previous hard drive was setup long ago and the sharing was the advance share. I also vaguely remember years ago thinking simple sharing was a crock…but that was a long time ago.

The new hard drive used the simple sharing, why I don’t know,  and it frankly falls short. Here are the steps I took to get XP to be viewable from Windows 7 and Vista. All on the XP machine:

  1. Windows Explorer-> Tools menu –> Folder Options –> View –> (Scroll list down til you see) Use simple file sharing. Uncheck it and close the dialogue.
  2. In Windows…Right Click the Computer Icon (maybe on desktop or will be on Start Menu) and select Manage.
  3. Open Computer Management –> System Tools –> Shared Folders –> Shares and open the folder to list the shares.
  4. Find the share in question, highlight it and right click and select Properties –> Shared Permissions.
  5. In the Share Permission it should have the group Everyone listed. If it is not there add it and check all three permissions: Full Control, Change and Read.

Once done go back to Windows 7 and browse the share. HTH