Visual Studio 2008 Database Project: Unable to drag multiple SQL Scripts

I am running into this issue with Visual Studio 2008 Team System SP1 database project. It will allow me to drag one script but not multiple. I am publishing this to my blog to investigate, so let me explain.


I have a database project with an active connection to the database and a few scripts. My goal is to drag my scripts as shown below to the active instance (a SQL Server 2008 instance to be exact)

Database Target

If I highlight one sql script and drag it to the instance and I get this message:


It works and the script executed after I select yes. Note the text on the dialog, it clearly talks about multiples queries/scripts. Plural!


The problem arises when I select multiple scripts and drag them. At that point I am not allowed to drop:


Does anyone reading provide insight? Thanks!



  1. Bruce Boughton says:

    What order would you expect the scripts to execute in?

    • omegaman says:

      When one uses File Explorer and selects multiple files and then drops them; the target software gets the files in the order which the user selected them. That would be what I would guess. But I realize that scenario would present different issues as well. :-)

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