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I had a request from a reader of the blog saying that he saw this summary on the RSS feed

And would prefer that to read the whole post and not have to deal with the … summary. Upon researching this issue, I have to surmise it is the RSS reader that is the culprit! The above picture is the RSS feed in Firefox, which I primarily use, and it displays the summary as shown above.

 But if I look at the RSS feed in IE 7 this is what I see:

IE Left Side RSS feed.

To avoid this picture being cutoff by my blog style template, the IE has a right side widget that is a nice floating index along the which looks like this:


I guess the answer is that it is dependant on your browser or RSS reader….



  1. virtualblackfox says:


    Sorry the error was mine, i never got past the firefox RSS preview (I really don’t like partial feeds) but the feed contain all the data.

    It seem that firefox isn’t able to read the “content:encoded” tags (An rss extension) and report the standard rss “description” instead (This one end with the “[…]”. But google reader support it without problems.

    Thanks anyway for looking into it.

  2. omegaman says:

    No need to apologize…the RSS feed was something I had not looked into at this point. I switch between the browsers and noticed the different types of rss readings. I didn’t pay it much notice at the time, but WordPress does allow you to summarize the RSS feed and I had it to not summarize and was wondering why it was showing as such. Your post had me look into it and because of it, I learned about RSS and also have a copyright on my feed and a warning disclaimer. Thanks!

    Note in a couple of weeks I will delete our other back and forth posts to keep the discussion on topic.

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