Silverlight: Xaml Blend Namespace Error Not Resolved

XAML Namespace is not resolved.

This error can occur when certain Xaml elements added by blend have not been properly ignored during non design/debug situations and Blend or Visual Studio reports such error.

To resolve the error one must add the mc:Ignorable attribute to the namespace declarations to inform the Xaml compiler to ignore a specific specified namespace at appropriate times. T0 fix the above error where the blend namspace is qualified by d one needs to ingore D as shown on the highlighted line:


How Does This Happen?

I ran into this recently when Blend 4 added Xaml to allow me to populate (bind generated data) to a datagrid during design time (only in blend mind you) to work with the design data. Of course the blend namespace was there, but it never added the ignorable. It actually failed due from this line because its bringing in the blend namespace here, though I was never informed of the exact line.

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot"
      d:DataContext="{d:DesignData /SampleData/HomeViewModelSampleData.xaml}">

One can see the ‘d’ namespace qualifier which relates to the blend namespace declaration as shown above. Since its job is to bring in sample data, that obviously should not be expressed during runtime and was not ignored.

Once one understands this situation the resolution seems trivial but it is one which has to be learned.


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  1. Mario Fritsch says:

    Thanks, mate. I got a different error while compiling my WPF app, where it didn’t accept my d:DataContext (something about DataContext having to be used in the standard namespace). Adding the ‘mc’ namespace and setting ‘d’ to be ignored solved this perfectly.

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