Fear and Loathing in Visual Studio 2012 at 256 Colors

While working with the Visual Studio 2012 RC I experienced the downside to the new color scheme. When I Citrix-ed into my workstation I adjusted the colors to the 256 color set for better performance over the wire. That was not good.

Now I normally work with the dark color theme and discovered that the appropriately shaded colors simply ran together to the point where text editor window became almost as one the other windows.

Ok, a picture is worth a thousand bug reports, ahem issue reports, so let me show you.

Dark Theme

256 Colors Full Color
256 colors dark True Colors Dark

Light Theme

I decided to switch to the light theme, not that my specific editor colors which work on the dark, do not play well in the light and that has nothing to do with this situation, but notice how in 256 colors the golden rod color becomes prominent in the windows.

256 Colors Full Colors
256 colors Light True Colors Light


How did VS 2010 look in 256 Colors? Just fine thank you!

Ahh nothing ages well like a good editor; Chateau De Studio 2010!

256 VS 2010


Long story short don’t use the non true color setting when remoting in to use Visual Studio 2012!



  1. Nuri says:

    RTM? You mean Visual Studio 2012 “RC” right? :)

  2. Steve says:

    Hi, the VS2010 looks so much better than the light and dark – could hardly read it.!

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