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This blog does not have advertisements which bring in revenue. These are products which I actually use.

To note though, this page is not a paid page, nor a direct paid endorsement. Though being a MVP some companies do extend licenses to the MVP community and that could be considered an indirect paid endorsement which I have received.

The following is a list of products which I actually use (unless noted as trial) and provide a short synopsis of my thoughts on them.


Product Usage Thoughts
Actively with Visual Studio 2013 My primary usage of it is to refactor code and the tool I find indispensable to my day to day development. One feature (Refactor->Introduce Field) I like is to take a string and promote it to a constant field within a class.

Actively with Visual Studio 2013 Once one gets into the habit of documenting method and the classes intents comments; this makes life so much easier by putting in the smart framework of the comments.

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