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I am putting this here to check for broken links with WordPress. This is one of the main pages I maintain in the MSDN Forums .Net Regex Resource Reference

For those starting out with Regex’es or even those who are old hands here are some resources to help.

  1. .NET Framework Developer’s Guide .NET Framework Regular Expressions
  2. Tutorials
  3. Topics
  4. Programs (Not Sponsored or Endorsed by Microsoft ) Just listed; no order implied .
    • Expresso (.Net 2)(Free but registration) Used by most regex’ers; tool updated in 2007 to version 3.
    • Regular Expression Designer (.Net 1)
    • RegEx Buddy ($)
    • Regular Expression WorkBench (.Net 1.1)(Free)
    • Regular Expression Visualizer for VS2005 by Roy Osherove. Write up about it here at Visual Studio Hacks . Its a VS2005 add-in.
    • Regulator also by Osherove, which is a stand alone regex tester.
  5. Web Based Regex Testers
  6. Other Non Regex Tools
  7. Forums
    • is where the core regexer’s, many different languages not just .net, give advice. Let them know you are using the .Net version.
    • Google Groups Regex Discussing Regular Expressions in variuos tools (perl, php, egrep, PowerGREP, .NET, procmail etc. etc). Let’s help each other build effective regexes!
    • ASP Message Board : Regular expressions general discussions.
  8. Books
  9. Blogs

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